cinematography /// constanze schmitt

Umbilical Chord

Germany 2015

27 minutes

Director: Eliza Petkova 

Todor is in his early thirties and he still lives with his mother. Everyday she cooks for him, irons his shirts, washes him and watches TV with him in her arms. She sets all the rules: their everyday life is set by rituals and recurring patterns. Todor works in an open space. His life is perfect until the day he comes home late for the first time ever, after an office party.

* Festival International de Nancy Lorraine

     Grand Prix du Festival - Jury lycéen

* 9th Küstendorf Film and Music Festival, Serbia

* Lausitziale IV, Germany

* Festival Européen du Court Métrage de Nice, France

* International Film Festival Etiuda & Anime Krakow, Poland

     Bronze Dinosaur

     Student Jury Award

     Price of the International Jury IF Filmclubs

* 37th European Short Film Festival of Lyon-Villeurbanne, France

* 2morrow Film Festival Moscow, Russia

* Ruberoid Film Festival Berlin, Germany

* Rand Film Fest Kassel

     Audience Award